Professional Service of the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office


The Professional Service of the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office has been established for the purpose of providing assistance to the state prosecutor's offices, in which the tasks may be performed by independent advisors from helping professions, as follows:

  • a social worker,
  • a pedagogy specialist,
  • or a psychologist.

Competences within all of the three professions refer to understanding and psychosocial risk assessment of a child, individuals and groups and their unfulfilled needs, as well as planning and implementation of measures and professional treatment. The Professional Service of the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office started its operation on 23 June 2012, and so far now, only one independent advisor has been employed.

Main activities and responsibilities

- Providing expert findings and opinion, information and assistance in treatment of juveniles/children, upon the request of a state prosecutor:

  • In the criminal proceedings, independent performance of tasks during the preparatory proceedings, the proceedings for imposition of alternative measures and criminal sanctions,  the procedeeings of supervising the execution of alternative measures and criminal sanctions imposed on juveniles
  • also, in the proceedings of criminal law protection of the children to the detriment of whom the criminal offences have been committeed, or the protection of  child witnesses

- The performance of administrative tasks it is charged with and keeping records of alternative measures imposed on  juveniles.

- Cooperation with local communities for the purpose of collecting and sharing information on a juvenile, supervision over the execution of measures and sanctions against juveniles, as well as monitoring the situation and movements of juvenile delinquency, and initiating relevant prevention programmes.

- Participation in the work of the bodies for the protection of rights of children and young  people, in developing regulations pertaining to the protection of rights of children, young people and families.


The Professional Service shall contribute to:

•     the urgency of proceedings and individualisation of juvenile's treatment, performed in  a child's best interest, for children in conflict with law and children to the detriment of whom the criminal offences have been committed and for children as witnesses

•     providing professional assistance in the preparatory proceedings in obtaining all available elements for a right decision, with respect to  a child's personality, development and living conditions, needs, abilities, expectations, problems, not only relating to a child's participation in the proceedings,  but also to the process of rendering decisions (on expediency of conduct of the proceedings against a juvenile, pronouncement of educational measure/security measure/alternative measure and in the procedure of control and supervision over the execution of measures and/or replacement measures, in testimony and security of a child)

       •      the examination of a child (an interview professionally adjusted to a child's capabilities and

       needs and to the proceedings being conducted), including an interview with a child using audio –

       visual equipment

•     preparing children and parents for the proceedings conducted at the prosecutor's office

•     child safety and potential risk sensitivity

•     child participation in the procedure which is conducted against him/her in a manner adapted to a child, and so that an authentic child's opinion be heard as well

•     informing a child of the proceedings conducted against him (providing feedback on the course and consequences of the proceedings)